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Breakthrough virtual reality training for military, law enforcement, healthcare, and enterprises.

Traditional training is time intensive, expensive, and there are geographical and logistical challenges.
DIRT isn't traditional training.

Our FREE CLASS PROMOTION has ENDED.  Through our partnership with INLETS we occasionally offer classes for free. Check back for our next promotion.


Real world virtual reality scenarios

Each course contains a fully immersive virtual reality training scenarios that are narrative based for effective learning.

World-renown subject matter experts

Written and taught by world-class subject matter experts, who also practice in the field, so training is authentic and real-world.

Assessments with each lesson

Trainees must pass regular assessments each class to ensure the learning outcomes are achieved.

Anytime, anywhere

Works on common mobile VR equipment, so you can train on your time. No need for overtime. You could even train in your squad car on a shift change.


Highly immersive training is expensive but DIRT is a fraction of the cost with affordable classes & equipment.

Agency option

Get DIRT for your entire team of 10 or 1000+ and have admin analytics to track team progress. See Agency page for more information.

featured course: path to radicalization


Narrative based
VR scenarios


Key radicalization indicators


Trainings from a world-class instructor


Assessment questions to track learning

As Seen At

"Being able to immerse myself into the VR world for scenarios was fantastic.

And the knowledge of the SME during the training brought the whole package together."

- Cpl John Vogt

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training designed specifically for your staff

monitor progress of the learners

training can be performed anywhere

affordable & scalable

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