About Us

“Leveraging world-renown subject matter experts and coupling this with the latest in VR technology provides an amazing training experience.”
Darren Heater, DIRT Co-Founder & CEO
DIRT (Digital Immersion Response Training) is breakthrough scenario based virtual reality training for law enforcement, military and corporations. Our immersive scenarios are based on the latest violent crime and terrorism trends which provide training in current best practices for trainees. We believe that learning outcomes are best achieved through the context of real world scenarios and our mission is to provide this innovative and cost effective training to all our men and women on the front lines.  Often scenario based training is expensive and geographically challenging but with recent strides in Virtual Reality Technology we now have the ability to get highly effective immersive scenario based training into the hands of people wherever they are at a relatively low cost.
Each DIRT class contains a synergistic mix of immersive real world scenarios, trainings from a world class subject matter expert and assessments to ensure the learning outcomes are achieved.  The Path to Radicalization (In Person VR Class) was unveiled at INLETS (Intel Law Enforcement Training Seminar) and has ensured that the training we provide is the best in the industry with leading thought leaders.  DIRT will continue to release classes regularly on a variety of training topics and is also creating custom classes for larger departments and branches of service.  Our passion to empower the men and women who protect us and we will continue to do so with our Digital Immersion Response Training.